The impact of the latest developments on Summer Park Umhlanga

There is a lot of development taking place within Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre, as it merges residential buildings with commercial and retail. We take a look at these developments within this area and show you how they will positively affect your investment into Summer Park Umhlanga.


Park Square

This is a new commercial mixed-use development that will compliment the lifestyle residents will have at Summer Park Umhlanga. Our development gives residents the opportunity to ‘live the beat of Umhlanga’ as everything you need is on your doorstep. The R1 billion Park Square development further emphasises this notion as it introduces more office space for businesses, as well as health and food stores for you to make use of. It ensures you have a modern lifestyle that is exceptionally convenient and hassle-free. With the additional benefit of having Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Busamed Gateway Private Hospital and Umhlanga Private Hospital right on its doorstep and will continue to draw more and more individuals that are looking for the ultimate live, work and play lifestyle.


Road works

Summer Park Umhlanga has easy access to major travelling routes like the N2, M41 and M4. It now brags direct access to Cornubia with the recent flyover bridge. Moreover, the Bus Rapid Transport system is planned for this area, which will connect Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre to other areas. The new routes and transport development in this area will make getting around a breeze and will further appeal to more individuals outside of the area, as well as boost business growth and even more residential, commercial and retail property development.


Umhlanga is known for being a world-class commercial hub and the property value of this area has increased substantially from R3,4 billion to a staggering R10 billion in just 20 years.

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